Aled Jones says he was hacked, after rude picture posted on Twitter

Aled Jones says he was hacked, after rude picture posted on Twitter

Aled Jones says he was hacked after rude picture posted on Twitter

British TV presenter Aled Jones has said that a hacker compromised his Twitter account and posted an image of a man’s bulging underwear.

Jones, who shot to fame as a teenage chorister but these days hosts radio programs and the BBC’s “Songs of Praise”, told his 62,000+ followers that he wasn’t responsible for the under-the-belt “fleet” which has since been deleted.

Aled tweet

I’ve been hacked sorry everyone!
Jeez xxx

So sorry I dont know what fleets is – Never heard of it!

All back to normal – passwords changed – that was an interesting 20 mins – especially when I’m watching John Wick with the mother in law!!!

Thank heavens for that – at least we now know it wasn’t Aled who accidentally posted an image of his crotch. And that he’s a family man who watches Keanu Reeves movies with his mother-in-law.

The question is, of course, is how might Aled Jones’s Twitter account have been hacked?

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Possibilities include that Jones might have made the mistake of using the same password for his Twitter account as other online accounts – if one of those other accounts was involved in a data breach then a hacker might have tried the same password to access Jones’s Twitter.

Another possibility is that Aled Jones might have fallen victim to a phishing attack, and the hacker got his Twitter password that way.

Neither of these methods would have been likely to succeed if Aled Jones had followed password best practices, or had enabled two-factor authentication (2FA) as an additional layer of security.

Hopefully Aled Jones has learnt his lesson, and will take the opportunity to advise his mother-in-law on the importance of practising good password security too.

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