Interested in cybersecurity? Join us for Security SOS Week 2022!

Interested in cybersecurity? Join us for Security SOS Week 2022!

Sophos Security SOS Week is back by popular demand, from 26-29 September 2022!

Four top security experts are once again stepping up to share their expertise in a series of daily 30-minute interviews.

This year, for the first time, we’re filming the interviews, giving you the option to watch our experts in action.

Of course, you don’t have to watch if you don’t want to – there are no PowerPoint decks, no pie charts, no pew-pew graphs and no sales schpiel…

…so you can minimise the window if you like, and simply sit back (or carry on working) and listen:

The theme for 2022 is Prevention, Detection and Response, and we’ll be talking to:

  • Fraser Howard from Sophos Labs. Fraser is a world-renowned malware researcher whom we describe quite unashamedly here on Naked Security as a “specialist in everything”. Learn how to handle the complexities of contemporary malware prevention.
  • Greg Rosenberg from Sophos Sales Engineering. Learn how to take on the challenges of detecting in advance that something bad is about to happen to your network, so you can head it off at the pass.
  • Peter Mackenzie from Sophos Incident Response. Peter is a threat-hunter extraordinaire who’ll be sharing a range of fascinating, scary but educational tales of attackers that he himself has been sent in to bat against.
  • Craig Jones from Sophos Security Operations. On the final day, Craig will explain how you can put together prevention, detection and response to build a successful SecOps team of your own.

To sign up now, simply visit

There are two time slots – one perfect for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and a second slot that aligns with the Americas.

Sophos Security SOS Week, 26-29 September 2022:

Four short but fascinating talks with world experts.

Learn about protection, detection and reponse,
and how to set up a successful SecOps team of your own:

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